Truth Tabernacle of Fontana

Pure Apostolic... Uncompromising Gospel Preaching!

Truth Tabernacle Church of Fontana is Inland Empire's greatest church! Truth Tabernacle is located in San Bernandino County near the city of Fontana. We are very blessed to have Pastor R. D. Frazier as our pastor.

Come to Truth Tabernacle and experience Pure Apostolic... Uncompromising Gospel Preaching!

Ten Reasons Why I Need To Go To Church
  1. It enlightens my ignorance.
  2. It disturbs my complacency.
  3. It chastens my pride.
  4. It illuminates my sin.
  5. It broadens my sympathy.
  6. It deepens my faith.
  7. It kindles my devotion.
  8. It challenges my courage.
  9. It empowers my discipleship.
  10. It perpetuates my heritage.


Thank you for visiting our site. "We are glad you're here!" But more importantly we would love to have you be our guest at our next church service. 


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